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Nutrilon is an expert on taking care of children's immunity and offering adequate nutrition in the first crucial 1,000 days for babies. The objective of this period was to provide moms with helpful dietary and nutritional tools. This application plays an important role for mamas to acquire sufficient information about balanced diet while whole pregnant journey as well as whole breastfeeding phase.

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We created a timeline showing the current period of pregnancy phase and children’s age with a well-designed and intuitive interface. Users can easily select articles from the first week of pregnancy to the 36th month based on children’s age. We have also made live chat with experts from Nutricia’s web site available for mobile phone users. Users can enjoy the benefits of checklist and smart reminders, delivered by push notifications sent from the backend of the application. With instant push notifications and reminders, parents can make sure everything is under control.


We are very satisfied with them while cooperation​. They were always flexible and ​do not ​simply say​ something is impossible. We appreciate the ability ​of ​managing the ​content in an easy backend. Application ​makes us and the parents really happy.

Tereza Roučková, Digital Experience Manager, Nutricia

Average Application Rating

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